Saturday, March 1, 2014

February Blog Wrap-Up

At the end of each month I'm going to post my monthly wrap-up posts! In these posts I'm going to wrap-up and put everything from the month in one place. Make sense? Okay. Let's go~

Top Ten Tuesdays:
Wreck It Wednesdays:
Stacking The Shelves:
Other Posts:

  1. Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs
  2. Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles #1) by Marissa Meyer
  3. Player One by Douglas Coupland
Graphic Novels:
  1. Fables, Vol. 2: Animal Farm
  2. Fables, Vol. 3: Storybook Love
  3. Fables, Vol. 4: March of the Wooden Soldiers
  4. Fables, Vol. 5: The Mean Seasons
  5. Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children; The Graphic Novel
  6. Fables, Vol. 6: Homelands
  1. Go Ask Alice by Beatrice Sparks as "Anonymous"
  2. Insurgent by Veronica Roth
  3. Fables, Vol. 7: Arabian Nights (And Days)
A little recap of the most exciting thing(s) I've done this month!
As you may know, I really like theater (specifically musical theater). The reason for that is because I grew up taking theater classes ever since I was 4 years old. I took classes and did shows at the same theater that whole time and a lot of my friends who are still in high school (and younger) still go there. This month a ton of my friends were in the teen theater straight play which was The Children's Hour by Lillian Hellman. It had been a while since I'd gotten to see and hang out with this big group of friends I have, so it was SUPER fantastic to get to see all of them. I can't even explain how great the show was and how nice it was to see everyone. We went to this really cool, hipster-y taco place with most of the cast for their cast party after the show and took quite a few pictures there, so here's a snip-it of that!

A small list of blogs I've discovered and loved this month!

  • Kate @ TalesofBooksandBands and Alexa @ AlexaLovesBooks: These two lovely ladies ran the Book Blogger Love-A-Thon this month. Not only did they do a phenomenal job with that, but they each have fantastic blogs that I've been checking regularly ever since the event!
  • Lindsay and Sarah @ TheBrokeBookGirls: I met Lindsay through the Love-A-Thon and have found myself interacting with her via Twitter every once in a while ever since. These girls run a fabulous blog and are simply sweet as can be. Speaking of sweets, Lindsay makes amazing cookies based on book covers as a hobby. She did I give away during the Love-A-Thon and I won!! I got 4 cookies based on Rainbow Rowell's books (as well as a copy of Attachments)! So thanks for that for the bazillionth time, Lindsay! <3
  • Becca @ PivotBookReviews: Finally, we have Becca. Once again, we also met through the Love-A-Thon and totally clicked. Recently we've started talking a lot and she's become my best book blogger friend. She's basically super great. I totally recommend checking out her blog! She does an especially amazing series called "Cover Puppies" each week. Go check out her blog to see what that's all about!


  1. *blushes* I'm pretty sure I got a little misty eyed reading this! I heart you, Best Book Blogger Friend! I'm so glad that we met through Love-A-Thon!! It was such a fun thing to do, and thank goodness we both did it so we were able to meet! I have always wanted someone to fangirl over books with, and I'm so grateful to say that I finally have you to fangirl with!! :D I'm still jealous that you won those dang cookies! I bet they were as good as they looked, but I'll admit, I would've had a hard time eating them bc they are so pretty!!! That's so awesome that you used to do theatre! I love musicals!!! Like a lot. You're pics from that night are super cute! Great wrap-up, Ashley! Hope you have an amazing weekend!!! <3


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