Sunday, February 16, 2014

Book Blogger Love-A-Thon || Mini-Challenge #5

Here's the fifth mini-challenge of the Love-A-Thon. At this point, I'm assuming you're familiar with the Love-A-Thon and what's been going on this weekend. If not, you're in for a treat. Go to the hosts' blogs (Katelyn and Alexa) to learn more and join the conversation on Twitter with the hashtag #LoveAThon!

This challenge is to write a letter to your blogging self. There were two options 1. Write a letter to your past blogging self or 2. Write a letter to your future blogging self. Since I haven't been blogging very long, it only makes sense that I choose the latter. So, here we go. Prepare for my letter to my future self.

Did you notice that I wrote this in your favorite color? I'm sure you did. Is aqua still your favorite color? What am I saying? Of course it is! You're a freak who's obsessed with a color and always will be. What was I thinking? 
As I'm sure you know, I'm writing to state some things that I hope have changed by the time you're reading this in the future. (Isn't that so magical? You're reading this in the future. It's like a time capsule or time travel. *trippy*) And also make goals and stuff, but knowing me/you I'm sure that not all of these things will have been accomplished by the time you read this (or will even ever be.) 
To start off, though, I hope that in the future you've read more adult books. This is probably a little cliche and obvious because I feel like it's something that a lot of people in my circle of the online book community struggle with. But, if you haven't yet; try. Branch out. Get recs for cool, new adult books that seem like they might be your style and really try to get through them. 
Right along that same train of thought is that I hope I'm reading a little more contemporary. I'm not saying I hope my entire taste in books has changed. But, again, I hope I can just branch out a little more in the future. Since contemporary is my least read genre, I really hope I can get more into that. 
By the time you're reading this, I really hope I'm a little bit of a faster reader. It's not that I'm a particularly slow reader or anything, but my goal for the year was 20 books. That's nothing compared to other book bloggers and BookTubers. I just want to set a goal in the future to read, like, 100 books in a year. Or, even just 80 or so. That would really blow my mind, to be honest. 
Finally, and this is a bit of a shorter term goal, I hope that in the near future I find more memes and events to jump on board with. Since my blog is still relatively new, I don't participate in that many memes. I feel like that's something that would make my blog way more interesting and successful. In regards to events? Participating in the Love-A-Thon is the greatest thing I've done on my blog so far and I can only imagine the amazing things I'll participate in in the future. 
Write to me in the past if you're reading this in the distant future, Ashley. I'll be waiting for your magic, time travelling letter. 
   You. Er- Me?
And there you have it! My letter to my future self. I really enjoyed this challenge. Although I think this is a bit more for me than for the readers, I would love to hear your thought in the comments. What goals did you set for your future blogging self?

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  1. You're not the only one, I wrote my letter on my favorite color, too! I'm obsessed with it too! Thanks for sharing your letter!

  2. Your letter is great, Ashley! I do think that participating in memes can be fun, and often helps more people get to know you and your blog. I also want to try being a more diverse reader (especially adult). Great letter :)


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