5 STARS: This book was SO fantastic. I really, really loved it and it's now one of my favorites. Everything was just, GUH, perfect. Wonderful.

4 STARS: I loved this book! I was great and I had a really enjoyable time reading it. There may have been some things holding it back, but for the most part it was awesome.

3 STARS: I liked this book well enough. It wasn't the best and probably was lacking a bit, but I still got through it and didn't hate it.

2 STARS: Meh. This book wasn't my cup of tea. There were quite a few problems and things I didn't like about it. I probably didn't like the plot very much and it might have been slow for me.

1 STAR: I disliked this book quite a bit. I either didn't finish it or really, really struggled to get to the end. I would not recommend this to others.

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