Thursday Thoughts is an original, weekly meme created here on Ok, Let's Read. The idea for this feature was brought about by several conversations I've had with bookish friends in my daily life. I noticed that not everyone has the same mindset about certain aspects of reading, books, and everything bookish and wanted to not only share my own opinions on things, but hear other people's feelings on topics that we might not feel the same way about.

Each week I will post a new, conversational post talking about a specific, book-related topic. Anyone and everyone is encouraged to join! The whole point of Thursday Thoughts is to hear different points of view and opinions, otherwise I would have just kept it for myself! All I ask is that you put a link to Ok, Let's Read somewhere on your post so that other's can join in if they would like. In addition to that, each week my post will have a Linky widget on the bottom so that we can all link up, read each other's posts and hopefully spark some quality conversation!

If you don't have a blog, feel free to respond in the comments and join in. However, in addition to the weekly blog posts, I'm hoping (cross your fingers!) to try and hold Twitter chats once or twice a month(?) that deal with the questions/ideas brought up in the recent weeks. This part of the feature still needs the kinks worked out, but keep your eyes peeled and turned towards my blog for more information on the #ThursdayThoughts Twitter chats that will hopefully take place in the near future.

Alright! Now that everything is explained, let's learn about the topics. Below you'll find a list of weekly conversation topics for Thursday Thoughts. The underlined part is the actual topic for that week and the questions are possible ideas for what to talk about in your post. Please do not feel obligated to answer all those questions or to only answer those questions. I'll update this list at least a month prior to each week in case you want to queue your posts early or go on a Thursday Thoughts writing binge. Have fun!

Future Thursday Thoughts Topics of Conversation:
If you have any ideas for new topics, PLEASE do not hesitate to comment, eMail or tweet them to me @okletsread! I would highly appreciate it.

September 4: Audiobooks* - Do you listen to audiobooks/Have you listened to an audiobook in the past? What books? Do you enjoy audiobooks? Why or why not? Are there certain genres that you feel might lend themselves better to being read in audiobook form?

September 11: Cover Changes* - Are you someone who likes your books to look very uniform or do you usually not care to much about that? How do you react when there's a cover change in the middle of a series? What are your opinions on movie-tie-in covers with the actors from the movie adaptation? Which book covers are your favorites?

September 18: Where Do You Read?* - Where do you spend the majority of your time reading? Are you the kind of person who can fall asleep reading in bed? Do you read in public? Why or why not? Where would be your fantasy reading location?

September 25: Novellas* - What are your general opinions on novellas or short stories in a series or otherwise? Have you read any novellas? Do you always make sure to read the novellas in a series? Do you read them where they belong (i.e. between the correct two books) or are you not too bothered about that sort of thing?

October 2: Bookish Fandoms* - Do you have any experience with fandoms in the bookish world? What fandoms do you consider yourself to be a part of? Have you ever created something pertaining to your favorite books as a part of the fandom (i.e. artwork, music, fanfic, cosplay)? Can you share your creation with us?

October 9: Reader Probs - What are some of the "whiny" problems you find yourself coming across as a reader? Do you deal with book hangovers often? How do you react when a character you like is killed off? Do certain books you might be reading effect your daily life? Do you catch yourself day dreaming about characters in your books? In other words, how is the magical world of reading ruining your life?

October 16: Love Triangles - Are you an out and proud hater of love triangles? Or, do they not bother you all that much? Do you feel like love triangles are overdone and have a tendency to be similar? What is it that you like or dislike about love triangles in books? Do you think that one genre or section of books overdoes the love triangle thing more than others? Do you think love triangles can be okay if done correctly?


  1. Suggestion for a topic: rating systems? :)

  2. Suggestion for a topic: favourite bookstore? More than just giving a location -- talking about why it's a favourite and what the atmosphere is like, etc?

  3. Suggestion for topics:
    - Social media and books (like, how Twitter makes it easier to connect with authors, and stuff like that)
    - Audiobooks
    - Fandoms (including things they do, like Fanart, fanmusic, cosplay)

  4. Suggestion for topics:
    -Rereading (i.e. do you? Some people feel it's wasting time, others think you get more out of it a second time)
    -TBR Mountain or Molehill? (i.e. do you stack up lots of books to read 'sometime', or do you only buy/borrow what you intend to read immediately?)
    -Author Behaviour (can the things an author believes privately put you off their work? Prime example: Orson Scott Card's homophobia)
    -Reading in public (some people hate being interrupted for someone to ask about what they're reading, some look on it as an opportunity; is a book a keep out sign or an open door for you?)

  5. Suggestions:
    - Book 'extras', when the author writes a short story or novella about the series, but it isn't essential to understanding the actual books
    - Series prequels/sequels, or mulitple series set in the same universe. Some people love them (yay, more story), some people hate them (this author needs to be more original/come up with new ideas)
    - When the book edition 'changes' half way through a series, or you come into a series late, and the original (and sometimes better) covers aren't really sold anymore, so you have to buy the newer (sometimes movie-tie-in) editions...and on that note
    - Movie tie-in editions. Should the actors/movie posters be on the book?

  6. Hi! My suggestions:
    - romance: is it really necessary (it's hard to find a YA book without it these days!)
    - emotional reading: crying when reading, feeling betrayed by the author if the story takes a turn you dislike, book hangovers, thinkig of characters as if they were real people

    I hope these help!
    Thanks again for doing this meme every week, I love participating!


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