Thursday, May 15, 2014

Thursday Thoughts || eReaders

Here we are with another Thursday Thoughts! If you don't already know, this is an original, interactive, weekly feature here on my blog. Anyone with an opinion is invited to make their own post, link up and join the conversation! Our topic for this week is eReaders! Now, to me, eReaders doesn't only encompass Nooks and Kindles. I think any electronic that you use to read books is considered an eReader since technically eReader literally means electronic reader. Personally, I have an iPad which I've downloaded the Kindle app onto. So, I use that as my eReader when I want to eRead books. If you don't have any sort of eReader, however, I feel like you can definitely find a way to participate in this week's Thursday Thoughts. Even if you do not have one, I'm sure you have an opinion. Don't hesitate to join just because you don't have personal experience with whatever we're talking about for a topic.

Now, one question that I posed in the prompt this week was "Do you prefer eReaders or physical books?" For me, that's an incredibly easy question. I, by far, prefer physical books. Although, I can see the good in each medium of reading, I will choose physical books each and every time. There are a few different reasons for that. I think a lot of people say they prefer physical books because they like holding a book, feeling the book and even smelling the book. I can see why people would say that and I do agree, but those things aren't as important to me. That is to say, I think I could probably live without them. But, I prefer physical books because it's just what I enjoy reading more! I think reading on an eReader frustrates me sometimes. I like being able to see how many pages I've read and how many I have left rather than reading a percentage. Not to mention that when you read on an eReader you don't even really know how many pages you've actually read.

However, as much as I prefer physical books, there are some amazing things about eReaders. eReaders have definitely changed the face of reading. You can carry around an entire library with you to the coffee shop and not have to worry about having too much to hold. At the click of a button, you can have drastically cheap copies of any book you could imagine right at your finger tips. There's no denying the awesomeness that are eReaders. Because of all those infinitely good things that eReaders can do for the avid reader, I feel like anyone who wants one should definitely invest in purchasing one. They will make a major change in your reading habits and I am positive you will not regret it if you purchase one.

I know this was a short Thursday Thoughts, but I've been totally wrapped up in Bout of Books. If you don't know what the Bout of Books read-a-thon is, I highly suggest you check the most recent post (before this one) on my blog. It'll tell you everything you need to know. Thanks for joining us for this week of Thursday Thoughts! If you didn't make your own post, feel free to comment and let everyone know what you think! eReaders? Love 'em or lose 'em? Let me know! See you next Thursday when we talk about Book Buying Bans!


  1. I am that person that likes feeling and smelling the book. :D
    You make a good point for reading physical books, it is nice being able to see how many pages you've read and what are left instead of just a percentage. Sometimes having only the percentage and no page numbers can frustrate me. Great post, and wonderful topic!

  2. Even though I own an e-reader, I still prefer having physical books. I just love having books on my shelves, being able to flip through the pages, and have the pretty covers on display. You bring up a good point with the percentages--it's annoying to not know exactly how much you've read. I just feel a bigger sense of accomplishment when I'm holding a physical book and can actually see all the pages I've read.
    That being said, I love my e-reader for the fact that I can download free samples of books and get a feel for the story before deciding if I want to buy it or not. And the convenience of having a whole library with you is great, too!

  3. I'm an ebook girl :)

    But I have to say, I think how much you enjoy reading ebooks really depends on the type of ereader you have. Because Kindles/Nooks/Kobes/etc are designed specifically for books, so they make reading a very pleasurable experience. Whereas reading via an app on an ipad is... servicable, I guess, but not that rewarding overall.

  4. I like both. I love my Kindle, but I like to have my favorites in print (as well :)

  5. I am pretty consistently reading both at the same time - gotta have my book on the go! ;)


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