Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Thursday Thoughts || Library vs. Bookstore

Oh my goodness, you guys. It's here! It's time! I'm nervous! Welcome to the first ever Thursday Thoughts! If you weren't aware, this is a brand new, interactive, original, weekly feature here on my blog where we can all get together once a week and converse about bookish things. The goal is to spark conversations and share our opinions with each other on topics that bookish people usually have strong feelings about. Make sense? I sure hope so. 

This week's topic of conversation is Library Vs. Bookstore. I chose this as the first topic because I feel like it's definitely a controversial type of topic among bookish people and I think that most people will find that they have quite a bit to say about it. Personally, this is something I've spent time thinking about on quite a few occasions so I feel like I'm going to have a lot to pack into this post. With that being said, let us jump right into it.

I don't know if other people do this, but I have gone to every library in my area (which is, like, five or six libraries) at least a few times each in my life. Unfortunately, the library in my city is particularly small. I think the last time I was there was when I was in middle school (since it's located immediately next to the middle school), so it's been a while. Fortunately, however, there is a library in the next city over that I really do love. They have an amazing YA section and the atmosphere of that particular library is extremely cozy (without being small like my local one) and it's just a really great library all around.

Look at this BEAUTIFUL picture I found online, though.
This is the side of the library that I usually go to.
Now that I've said all of that about libraries, I'm going to completely contradict myself and confuse you all. As much as I love going to libraries and being in the atmosphere of libraries... I much prefer getting books from bookstores themselves. In addition to having a beautiful amount of libraries within 20 minutes of my house, I have a Barnes & Noble, a Books-A-Million, and a Half Price Books. I'm just really lucky, I suppose. Even though my all-time favorite book store isn't around anymore.. RIP Borders.

When it comes to getting books into my hands, I will choose to purchase them at the bookstore (or on my iPad's Kindle app) rather than at the library 9 times out of 10. Part of this I attribute to my being a perfectionist. I don't like reading books that are messed up or torn apart. However, I really think the main reason is that I'm someone who likes to own my own books. If I'm going to read something and end up loving it, I don't want to have to go return it to the library and then go out and buy it. I just want it to be mine to begin with. That being said, I have been going to the library every two weeks or so lately because I like to get graphic novels from there. Graphic novels are a bit on the pricey side when it comes to purchasing and owning them and I'm totally okay with just borrowing those from a library.

Let me just throw a little disclaimer in here. I love libraries. Really, I do. And, I think almost any bookish person you could choose to talk to will back me up when I say that libraries are one of the greatest creations in the world. You can go there.. and get FREE books whenever you want (ish..). I don't know about you, but anything with the word free in it usually has me sold. And, personally I love libraries for DVDs, CDs, and even graphic novels (as I said). I'm not at all trying to knock libraries. I think every child should have a library card. Every child should be exposed to the wonders of libraries. They're a significant tool in our society. I would compare having a library in every city to teaching the arts in every high school. It's something that, to me, is just necessary and insurmountably beneficial.

Now, like I mentioned earlier, for the most part I don't like reading messed up or torn apart books. I don't think anyone particularly likes reading torn books, but you know what I mean. So, with that said, I think it's obvious that I quite prefer new books to used ones. However, I'm definitely not above buying scratch and dent on Book Outlet. But, the main reason I do buy scratch and dent on there is because a lot of the time the books are, like, barely damaged for a few bucks cheaper than the regularly discounted ones. So, it's just a great deal in general. 

Speaking of Book Outlet, I've become a CRAZY PERSON lately and it's all Book Outlet's fault. That website.. My god, they have some fabulous deals. I've been buying online quite a bit in the last month or so and it's kind of opened my eyes to a whole new world of book buying. *sings A Whole New World from Aladdin* Amazon, independent Amazon sellers, Book Outlet (Occasionally The Book Depository, but meh.. Shipping takes too long).. it's all sucked me in. I'm drowning in online book deals and surprisingly okay with it. I could do without the semi-ridiculous shipping cost, but it's sort of worth it in my eyes.

All in all, I think it's safe to say that I'm someone who does quite prefer bookstores to libraries. I'm not knocking libraries... but, bookstores are like my home away from home. The Barnes & Noble YA section will always be my favorite little hideaway. I like new, neat, clean books that belong to me. Does that make me sound bad? I hope not.. And, I hope some of you can relate.

And, that's it! The first Thursday Thoughts has come to an end. But, wait! We're not done yet! If you would like to contribute to the conversation and create your own Thursday Thoughts post, I would HIGHLY suggest you do so. We can all read each other's posts, and comment on them, and share opinions, and it'll just be one big, fun party! Add your link to the Linky below and join our Thursday Thoughts family!

Thank you SO much for stopping by. I really appreciate your support for this feature! Keep the conversation going in the comments! Which do you prefer; libraries or bookstores?


  1. I totally get you! I love bookstores as well - they are just the best place to hang out. I have been known to convince my son to go to the bookstore to play instead of other places. Haha! And I think bookstores are set up FAR better for browsing most of the time, but (as I said in my post), now I mostly go with a notebook instead of a wallet. :)

    I personally use a little bit of both, but libraries are my main squeeze. I just love the no-risk book selection and the librarians and the FEELING of a library. It's always a little bit like coming home.

  2. I wish I didn't already have a post scheduled for this week! I am a book-buyin girl. But not even from my bookstore since the selection is usually terrible. I'm all about amazon. Looking forward to this every week!

  3. That picture is gorgeous! Looks like a nice library.

    "You can go there.. and get FREE books whenever you want (ish..)."
    Haha, so true. It seems like whenever I go to request a recently released book I'm always like the eightieth person on the hold list. So frustrating!

    Also, great new feature! I'm a bit late in the game for this week's post, but I'll definitely be participating next week!

  4. I buy most of my books instead of borrowing them for pretty much the same reasons as you. I just like owning the book instead of having it for a limited period of time. Also, I tend to be more interested in reading a book if I bought it (library books end up as DNFs most of the time).

    I think one of the main reasons why I don't like my county library is that it doesn't have a cozy atmosphere. I've only been in it a couple times, but I've never been comfortable in it.

    I've been buying a lot of books lately as well (though I've only made one order to Bookoutlet). Your comment about The Book Depository made me laugh because the only book I ordered from there came within 3-4 business days (which I don't expect to happen so quickly again).

    I love the new feature! I'm going to have a lot of fun with it. :)

  5. Thanks for this new meme. I posted about "library vs. bookstore" even thought it's a week old, because you have left it open for people like me who are just learning about this new thing for book bloggers. I added my link, but it hasn't appeared yet. Now I don't know whether I did it right or not.


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