Monday, February 17, 2014

Love for Books Readathon || I'm doing it! OMG.

Guys. I'm joining my first ever ReadAThon! I know, it's insane. We have Pivot Book Reviews to thank for this. And, I think I'm joining at the end of day one.. *already failing* But, that's alright because I still read today, so whatever. Woo! Great start. Right on track. Haha. Anyways! Let's get down to the technical stuff.

Here's all the information taken from Novel Heart Beat and Confessions of a Bookie Monster's opening posts just so you know exactly what's happening:

  • The Love for Books Readathon runs from Monday, February 17th at 12:01 am through Sunday, February 23rd at 11:59 pm. 
  • We plan to have at least one mini challenge sometime during the week for you to participate in!
  • There will be a giveaway at the end of the readathon for all participants.
  • Sign up at Novel Heartbeat or Confessions of a Bookie Monster. You may join whenever you like, but to be eligible for our grand prize giveaway, you must sign up by February 18th.
  • To join, all you have to do is make a sign-up post and add your post URL to the linky below! You can put your goals and progress (will be required for the final giveaway) in your sign-up post, or you can make it separate. Totally up to you! 
  • In order to enter for the grand prize, you must have a post to keep track of your progress so we can see that you participated.
  • Feel free to tweet your progress with the hashtag #LfBReadathon!
My Goals:

Since this is my first ReadAThon ever in the history of the world, I'm going to stick with three books as my goal. I hope to exceed that, but since I'm not a speedy reader and I'm not sure what to expect.. we'll see. Aim low and avoid disappointment.

My Progress:

Check back here to see me track my progress throughout the week. Woo! It's going to be very exciting.

Monday 2.17
Currently reading: Cinder, Insurgent, Fables Vol. 6
Pages read today: 189 Pages
Time spent reading today: Roughly 3 Hours and 15 Minutes
Books completed today: N/A

Notes: I started a day late so I didn't have the read-a-thon mindset today. Fingers crossed I read more than this tomorrow!
Tuesday 2.18
Currently reading: 
Cinder, Insurgent, Fables Vol. 6
Pages read today: 230 Pages
Time spent reading today: 3 hours and 20 minutes
Books completed today: 2 Books

Notes: I had already started the graphic novel a while before this readathon. Today just happened to be the day I plucked it off. So, that's why I've completed 2 books with only reading 230 pages today.
Wednesday 2.19
Currently reading: Player One, Insurgent
Pages read today: 9 Pages
Time spent reading today: 10 minutes
Books completed today: N/A
Notes: Alright, excuses time. As you can see.. today was my fail day. This will be the only day where I barely read. Pinky promise. However, I did receive Player One in the mail this morning (I'd been waiting weeks), so I cracked it open and started it but didn't have a lot of free time to read today. I'm going to try to finish it though tomorrow or the next day because it's reasonably short. I promise tomorrow will be better!!
Thursday 2.20
Currently reading: Player One, Insurgent
Pages read today: 121 Pages
Time spent reading today: 2 Hours and 40 Minutes
Books completed today: N/A

Notes: I wanted to finish Player One today since it's a relatively short (seeming) book, however I'm reading it slower than I had anticipated. I'll either finish it tonight (since it's 12:30am on Friday as I type this), or tomorrow (Friday) night.. If that makes sense.
Friday 2.21
Currently reading: 
Player One, Insurgent
Pages read today: 7 Pages
Time spent reading today: 10 Minutes
Books completed today: N/A 

Notes: Let's just be honest, this hasn't been my best reading week. I have a migraine as I type this (1am on Saturday morning) and I went out and did a lot of things today that kept me from reading. I'm going to stop making excuses and simply hope that tomorrow will be better.
Saturday 2.22
Currently reading: 
Player One, Insurgent
Pages read today: 0 Pages
Time spent reading today: 0 Minutes
Books completed today:  N/A

Notes: Let's just not even talk about it. I'm trying so hard, guys. I was busy today! This is all too stressful.
Sunday 2.23
Currently reading: 
Player One, Insurgent, Go Ask Alice
Pages read today: 167 Pages
Time spent reading today: 2 Hours and 30 Minutes
Books completed today: 1 Book
Total # pages read: 723 Pages
Total time spent reading: 13 Hours and 5 Minutes
Books I completed: Cinder, Fables Vol. 5 (Homelands) and Player One


  1. EEK!! IM SO EXCITED!!!!!!! Haha I'm glad I convinced you to pop your readathon cherry with me!!! :) But dont worry! I signed up late too!! We got this, chica! :)

    1. *HEAVY BREATHING* Must read all the books! No, but seriously I am super excited about this. I've wanted to do a read-a-thon for a long time and now I am and abhsidfksj. It's gonna be good.

  2. Yay for blogger firsts! They are so much fun! So are blogger milestones. :) Good luck on your goals (I'm doing this one too☺).

  3. Welcome to your first readathon! If you're anything like me, you'll be addicted to them after this week :P

    Happy Reading!


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