Thursday, February 6, 2014

Wreck It Wednesdays || Introduction

I'm sure we've all heard of Wreck This Journal by Kerri Smith, but if you haven't I'll give you a quick description. Wreck This Journal in an interactive journal where each page has a task that will in some way help you to "wreck the journal." The end goal is to basically discover the beauty that's everywhere and open your eyes to a whole new idea of creativity. I love that!

I got my Wreck This Journal on January 14 and have been gradually filling out the pages ever since. I had wanted one for literally years, so I couldn't be more excited. While completing the journal, people tend to get very artsy.. and I am one of those people. Lots of Wreck This Journal art is shared online and I decided to jump right on that bandwagon by
using my blog!

Wreck It Wednesdays is actually a video series on YouTube created by the lovely beauty vlogger, grav3yardgirl. Since I love her and I love my Wreck This Journal, I decided to borrow the idea and present some of my pages to you guys! Obviously I can't physically show myself completing the pages as she sometimes does, but I'm going to do the next best thing. Every Wednesday, I'll be posting a "Wreck It Wednesday" post featuring 3 of my completed Wreck This Journal entries. Sound fun? I hope you're as excited about this as I am.

Meet me back here on February 12 to see my very first Wreck It Wednesday post. Do you have a Wreck This Journal? If you do, I'd love to see how you've completed your entries! Tweet or Email them to me and I might feature them next week! My Twitter and Email can be found under the contact tab up above.

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