Wednesday, July 30, 2014

July Blog Wrap-Up

Cover Reveals:

Top Ten Tuesday:

Thursday Thoughts:

BookTube Videos:

  1. Of Posiden by Anna Banks
  2. Amulet, Vol. 1 by Kazu Kibuishi
  3. Of Triton by Anna Banks
  4. The Bad Beginning by Lemony Snicket
  5. Maus I by Art Spiegelman
  6. Paper Towns by John Green
  7. Morning Glories, Vol. 1 by Nick Spencer
  8. Maus II by Art Spiegelman
  9. Amulet, Vol. 2 by Kazu Kibuishi
  10. Girl's Day Out by Anna Banks
  11. The Reptile Room by Lemony Snicket
  12. Morning Glories, Vol. 2 by Nick Spencer
  13. Who Could That Be At This Hour? by Lemony Snicket

  1. Kill Devil Hills by Sarah Darlington
  2. Watchmen by Alan Moore
  3. The Selection by Kiera Cass

A little recap of the most exciting thing(s) I've done this month!

This month has been both incredibly busy and totally uneventful. Does that make any sense at all? The end of July is sort of when all that "It's Summer!" happiness fades off and becomes "Oh, no.. Summer's almost over." I participated in the BookTube-A-Thon this month and read A TON as you can see above. That same week I, unfortunately, got into a car accident. The stupid old woman who turned out in front of us got a ticket, thank god, but my car (which I'd barely had for like.. two months? You can actually see it in one of my older wrap-up posts) didn't make it. I know it might be overreacting, but I LOVED that car and kind of felt like I had lost a pet or something, y'know? I'm better now.. but it's still sad to talk about. We used the money that we got from the other woman's insurance to buy me a new car. It's not nearly as amazing and fantastic, but I guess it'll have to do. :(

This month, I also went to see my best, best friend and two of my other close friends in a production of RENT! They were all in the ensemble, but AMAZINGLY PERFECT nonetheless. The production was actually really good-- especially since all of us are used to doing mostly youth theater. That was, like, one of the biggest high-lights of my last week for sure. I also DIP DYED MY HAIR! I'f you haven't see the pictures yet, I'll toss my before and after pick down here. I LOVE how it looks and plan on keeping it like this for as long as possible. The only other thing I can think of to mention is that over the past few days I've become even more of a nerd and gotten back into Animal Crossing!! I play Animal Crossing: New Leaf on my 3DS and if you have it, you should tweet me or something so I can friend you. YAY! How was your month? I hope it went well! Talk to you soon!

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