Thursday, June 12, 2014

Thursday Thoughts || Bookshelf Organization

Hey, folks! Welcome to yet another Thursday Thoughts. If you don't know, this is an original, interactive, weekly meme here on my blog. Everyone with an opinion is invited to make a post, link up and join the conversation. If you're interested in joining the Thursday Thoughts family, don't hesitate! We would love to have you and hear what you have to say. This week's topic of conversation is "Bookshelf Organization."

Being someone who watches a lot of BookTube videos, I know that a lot of people have a lot of different tactics for organizing their plethora of beautiful books. I find it super interesting to hear everyone's preferences when it comes to such things. However, if you've seen my BookTube videos, you may have noticed my skinny, little bookshelf that can be seen in the background. Unfortunately, that's the only bookshelf I have and clearly it's overflowing with books. I have piles around my room and I'm DYING to get a new one (I'm pretty sure I'll have a new one around my birthday in September at the very latest.) So, to make this post a little easier-- and frankly more enjoyable-- for me, I'm going to be talking about my preferences for bookshelves that actually allow for organization. My current bookshelf if literally just a mess of books with not much rhyme or reason.

This is the bookcase I want!!
Once I do get a new, nice, big bookshelf, I intend to organize it in a few different ways. First off, I should probably preface by explaining that I'm very much a perfectionist and quite a bit OCD. I think my shelves will be organized by genre (dystopians, paranormal, contemporary, etc.) first and foremost. However, among each of those sections, I will probably put the books in alphabetical order. Obviously, series will stay together (because wow, so pretty) and be organized by the alphabetical order of the first book, if that makes sense. I will probably have a favorites shelf because I really love that idea. I have a handful of books that I love and I would love to stare at them all lined up together.

Similarly to a lot of other bloggers and vloggers, I have quite a lot of TBR books in my possession. I think that once I manage to get the new shelving, I'll most likely keep my read and TBR books in the same place. However, it wouldn't be a bad idea to keep my TBR books on my old shelves and when the read ones on my new shelves. That way I would have to keep my TBR smaller than my read books pile... Hm. Look at that. I'm realizing things about myself as I write this. Hahaha. The final question I wrote on the prompt for this week was about the rainbow organization trend. Here are my thoughts on the matter; I think that it's appealing to look at initially.. but, personally I would be sick of it after a few days. It's a good concept, but usually not the greatest execution. But, to each their own I suppose!

And, there we have it. Another week of Thursday Thoughts has come and gone. Don't forget to link up or comment so we can hear your opinions on Bookshelf Organization! And, don't forget to come back next week when the topic will be "Rereads!" See you then!


  1. Turns out I had a lot more to say on this topic than I thought I would! :) I'm a genre/alphabetization organizer as well; it just makes the most sense to my brain. How would I ever find anything if it were organized by color??! I feel like that would drive me CRAZY!

  2. I totally forgot to comment on the rainbow organisation trend! But, I did do it once on one of my other bookshelves and was sick of it after about 10 seconds. It looked pretty but there wasn't any actual order to it and it drove me mad. Took me forever to do but once it was done I couldn't stand it and I changed it back again, haha. I bought two new bookshelves recently and now have 4 but I still haven't come up with how I want my bookshelves organised. I know I have particular favourites that have to be at the front but other than that, I still can't decide. I work in a library so my brain screams at me to do genre and then alphabetical by author surname with series in order. Here's mine.

  3. I totally forgot to link mine up earlier. Better late than never.
    I would die with only one bookshelf. I'm glad you're going to be able to get another one soon!
    I went on and on about how I try to organize my kids books...whoops. And about how I also have piles of books all over the place. I would almost say that I have too many books, but I am a strong believer in "You can never have too many books". I would love to organize mine by genre then series in alphabetical order. One day, I hope I will have the space to do so. Great post. I enjoyed the topic.

  4. I don't have a big book shelf. I have books under my tv stand and a small 2 shelf bookcase. The bookcase is where I keep the books I want to read this year. under my tv stand is just books I may or may not read this year. I didn't have enough space so I put books in my drawer, those are a mix of books I read and some I wouldn't read/want to get rid of.

  5. About the rainbow bookshelf, it looks more like something nice than practical. First it's probably tiring to move ALL your books just because you got that new one with a RED spine (and of course there's no room left on that shelf). But also it makes it harder to find a book quickly. I think I'm just not patient enough for a stylish bookshelf! :D :D :D


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