Monday, June 16, 2014

BookTube Culture and Positivity

I just posted my most recent BookTube video! It's quite unrelated to my blog as it has a lot to do with content creators on YouTube specifically, so if you want to stop reading here or if you have no desire to watch the video that is completely understandable and okay with me. I just intend on posting a blog post each and every time I post a new video because I want my blog and my channel to be partners walking hand in hand. That was such a weird analogy to use. Basically, this video is about some recent discussions that have taken place on BookTube that I really wanted to take part in since I felt as if I had quite a bit to say about things. If you do watch the video thank you so much and if you enjoy please give it a thumbs up! I would love to hear your opinions on what I've said if you are someone who makes videos or watched videos on BookTube. Thanks!

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